• Client:
  • Expertise: UX UI Design Systems Prototype Testing

Dive Analytics - Complete redesign of the product and the marketing website

Dive is a BI data analysis tool designed for eCommerce businesses. It syncs with platforms like Shopify, Google AdSense, TikTok, Facebook, and Klaviyo. With Dive's powerful data analysis tools, users can get insights from all this data by creating objective-focused custom dashboards. It also brings a suite of collaborative features, making it ideal for setting goals and tracking eCommerce KPIs for different teams; Marketing, Product, or Operations. It is used by top retail brands in France, like Asphalte and Volcomm.

  • Product Designer

I worked with Dive on the product and the marketing website. I created a new UI design system with a different aesthetic appeal for the product. Next, we approached each UX issue in the product, and following customer feedback, I redesigned those features. The product significantly evolved in the following months. During my collaboration with Dive, I worked on the design of a dozen new features. To ensure a seamless UX, I created Figma prototypes for each flow and tested them with a small group of customers in collaboration with the PM.

  • Design UI's and create prototypes for new features
  • Actively search and identify UX issues and suggest improvements
  • Implement workflows to facilitate collaboration with devs and other designers
  • Test prototypes with a group of users and gather feedback
  • Iterate design solutions based on user feedback
  • Create a comprehensive UI design system for the web app
  • Design website layout
  • Create visual assets to show product functionality