• Client:
  • Expertise: UX UI Design Systems Prototype Testing

Scytale website design and development

Scytale is an identity management service that enables frictionless authentication across any cloud platform. The company raised a series A of 5M and was later acquired by HPE.

  • Product Designer

Prior to starting the design phase I working with the head of marketing on the website UX & content strategy. Next, I designed and developed the website along with all the visual assets required for conveying key product features and functionality. Occasionally I also created promotional materials used in events or online growth tactics.

  • Design the website along with the illustrations and icons
  • Development of the site; jam stack - static with an API-based CMS
  • Implement continuous development CI/CD
  • Optimise for mobile and performance
  • Integrate performance-specific services for AB-testing and growth.
  • Integrate a blog and a resources section that allows visitors to download technical material after filling up a form with their info
  • Integrate a newsletter - Create zappier automation for transactional emailing